Russell Cramer Curtis


2001 – 2004

Our flashing star forever, we miss you so much even after 5 years of you gone, some days it’s so overwhelmning we can’t bear it, unbelievable heartache, knowing we won’t see you grow up.
We talk to your sisters about you and its nice to hear you name in the house,  but it will never be enough for  myself  and your Daddy,
From the day you were born until the day you died, you always made us laugh, with that beautiful smile on your face.

I will never forget the week before you died, you kept telling me you loved me and my reply was “I love you too” but at the time I was laughing and saying to myself “janey mac, he keeps saying it”. Russell, you were a very loving child anyway, but for some it seemed important for you to tell me again and again. Sometimes, because you died so suddenly, I do wonder!

Our little rugrat
Our flashing star
The giddy face
The Cheeky smile
“Just one more time Mam” he would say
Or “No work today Dad, hip hip horray, I’m going swimming”.
As he would bounce on the bed.
He loved his Nana and Grampa Joe,
Russell had a very special Bond with them, as he would get
“Cosy cosy” and watch Calamity Jane, the movie, over and over again.

Then on the 21st September 2004, he slipped away peacefully in the afternoon while in his playroom, no reason..  Our lives shattered, our nerves stripped, life is not the same, how could it be? When Russell such a live wire, so full of life, so healthy gone forever.

His two beautiful sisters, whom he loved so much, killing them with kindness, as he would cover them up in their blankets and then rob their do do’s and run off.

We will always keep Russell alive in our hearts, yet the world would be heaven if we could have you back again.

Till we meet again.

Forever loved and missed by your heartbroken Mammy Daddy, Adrianna, Gloria, Nana, Grampa Joe and family XXXX