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Anam Cara provides information, resources and bereavement support after the death of a child of any age and through all circumstances to all bereaved parents.

Anam Cara have developed innovative online video vignettes to give bereaved mothers and fathers the opportunity to hear an experienced bereavement professional, who is also a bereaved mother, talk about parental grief, the challenges and milestones. Ultimately these Anam Cara resources are about giving recently bereaved parents hope, that they too will find their own unique coping style and resilience to the intense grief that follows the loss of a precious son or daughter.  Anam Cara currently has 12 Anam Cara groups throughout Ireland www.anamcara.ie   and Northern Ireland www.anamcarani.co.uk

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1. What is it like to be a bereaved parent

2. What do parents experience in the early stages of loss

3. What is grief and loss like for dads

4. How does grief affect us physically

5. How does grief affect our thoughts and feelings

6. Is there a roadmap to grief

7. What can help us on our journey of grief

8. How can Anam Cara support me

Supporting Parents after Bereavement.

While Covid 19 is still in the community we have moved the Anam Cara Northern Ireland Groups online and are also providing 1 to 1 support calls for bereaved parents. In September 2020 our ‘Face 2 Face’ Anam Cara Groups will resume in Armagh and Belfast, while adhering to the guidelines from the Health executive for small meetings.  For more information contact us on 028 28 95 213120 or email us info@anamcara.co.uk. Anam Cara resources can be viewed or downloaded from this website.

Bereaved Parents

Bereaved Parents

It’s so high you can’t get over it, It’s so low you can’t get under it, It’s so wide you can’t get round it, You must go through the gate….

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Bereaved Parents

Bereaved Siblings

A Feature Article by a Bereaved Sibling Grieving the loss of a Sibling When the death of a child and sibling…

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Bereaved Parents

Video Resources

Watch informative videos with the stories from bereaved parents coping with their grief and loss and the journey on…

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