About Anam Cara

Anam Cara Parent Bereavement understands we don’t live in an ideal world, we live in a world after our precious children have died before their time. Bereaved parents have set up this organisation to help themselves and all bereaved parents cope with their grief and loss and journey on.

In an ideal world, this website would not exist
In an ideal world, children outlive their parents…

We have done this in memory of our children.

The loss of a child is every Mum and Dad’s worst nightmare, the pain goes deep. Family and friends try to understand, and indeed are going through their own grieving process, but the only person who can really understand your loss is someone who has experienced the death of a child.

No matter how your child has died, through an accident or long term illness, at Anam Cara we respect that your grief is your own. It also does not matter how old your child was, they could have only been minutes on this earth or grown up to be adults with a family of their own. What matters is that they are your child and the bond between a parent and child is the strongest bond of all. The breaking of that physical bond is the hardest grief to cope and come to terms.

No one at Anam Cara feels that their loss is worse then that of someone else. We know that we are all bereaved parents trying to cope with what life has thrown at us and face the future, even if only one day at a time. We know our lives have not ended just changed since our children have died. We also have a choice now, we can either try and find new purpose and meaning in life. We can even do that by helping each other along this journey. Or we can choose the other route which we are all familiar with, from those dark early days of grief and bereavement.

There are no solutions or answers to your grief or pain on this website, but there is a huge amount of understanding and empathy. Everyone copes with the loss of their child in different ways.

With Anam Cara Parent Bereavement Group, we aim to take a holistic approach to bereavement, We mean by holistic, an all-inclusive universal approach, that will appeal to everyone who has lost a child, (See Self Help Page) There will be opportunities for you to share ideas, talk about your child and your lost hopes and aspirations for them( See events page). We endeavour to talk and listen at Anam Cara because they are both powerful healers in their own way. We will not pass judgement or dole out advice as we are experts only in our own grief.

From time to time we will organise events, which will offer you a chance to put a face to the name, have a cup of coffee and maybe try a new activity. Who knows maybe even discover something that will help us journey on together…

“Tread softly to journey on”