Terms of Reference

Parent Support

  • This group/organization will focus on how to journey on and cope after the loss of a child for all bereaved parents in Ireland
  • That as a group we would embark on an universal approach to bereavement to ensure every bereaved parent will feel connected with the group
  • This bereavement group is open to all parents who have lost a child regardless to the age of this child, or how their child died, or how recent or long ago the loss was.
  • To meet informally as a group, offering parents an opportunity to meet each other in a face to face setting, to talk in a comfortable and safe environment with people who know how you are feeling, based on their experiences.
  • The Informal “get together” will be held at different venues throughout Ireland to facilitate parents from all counties.
  • On occasion guest speakers will be organized to introduce the group to activities that would possibly offer some comfort to parents or give them ideas on what they could do to help them heal after their loss.
  • The website will be available to anyone who prefers to make contact through email or the forums or wants to keep in touch with the group through technology…

Parent Help

  1. Encourage parents to allow each other to grieve in their own way, at no time will a parent pass judgment or tell another parent how they should be coping or what they should be doing
  2. To respect and protect each other and understand that each parent’s grief is their own grief. We are all on a unique journey through bereavement, all of us at different stages. We can help others by letting them know what we did that helped us cope.
  3. To help bereaved parents help their children come to terms with the death of their sibling.
  4. To provide a list of Counselling Services for parents who feel they need professional help for themselves or their surviving children. This will include a brief description of the Counselor’s background, credentials and other general information to enable families to make choices that suit their needs.
  5. To develop a list of resources/literature other parents have found helpful on their bereavement journey.

Sibling Support

  1. Throughout the year, various events will be organized, to facilitate the on going journey of the siblings. These events would help the siblings understand they are not alone after the death of their brother or sister.
  2. For teenagers or older siblings to set up a discussion group (similar to how we are setting up currently) to develop ideas geared towards their needs and issues that may arise after their sibling has died.

Extended Family Help

  1. Through our website, offer extended family, friends, colleagues and people in contact with bereaved parents information and advice on how they can help the bereaved family.

Practical Support

  1. To provide an auxiliary service that will work with hospitals, hospices and other bereavement services in Ireland and further improve their services and information to bereaved parents and siblings.
  2. All GPs/Medical Centres/Associations to be made aware of our Group/Organization so they understand our aims and objectives are as an organisation and our contact details.
  3. To set up a comprehensive website to assist parents to access information and to make  initial contact with Anam Cara
  4. To design and develop an information brochure introducing Anam Cara to bereaved parents
  5. To design and develop a Journal/Angel Catcher to help parents record how they are feeling after the death of their child, this journal would also include some of the practical advice available on the website.

Remember Our Loved ones

  1. To be able to keep our children’s memory alive through the Tribute page on our Website and various fund raising activities
  2. By helping others as they embark on their journey though bereavement and loss we will be helping ourselves and doing this in memory of our loved one.
  3. By being able to talk about our deceased children in a safe and comfortable place to others who understand what it feels like to have suffered the worst loss of all.
  4. As time passes and family and friends move on, mentioning your child’s name or talking about them is not easy as it was in the early days of your loss. There is always an opportunity within the Anam Cara meetings or the website to talk about your child without feeling uncomfortable or out of place.
  5. Learning and supporting each other on how to live life again around the pain of our loss without feelings of guilt and being there for each other when despair hits from time to time.