Anam Cara and Covid-19

Anam Cara is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our volunteer parents, professional facilitators and all parents attending the Anam Cara group’s Parent evenings. Although Covid 19 is part of our day to day lives, so is our grief and loss. We know at Anam Cara how important it is being able to talk to other bereaved mothers and fathers, who understand and it helps us know we are not alone.

Anam Cara are working closely with all our venues throughout Ireland to ensure they are following all recommendations set out by the health authorities around facilitating a meeting in the community.

For the reason we will need parents to register for the monthly meetings from September 2020. This is because all venues are following the 2 meters distancing and now have a maximum number of participants in their meeting rooms.

Before registering for your nearest Anam Cara Parent evening, could you answer the below assessment questions.

Risk assessment questions to be sent in advance to parents

Have you or a close family member:

  1. Ever tested positive for Covid 19 or are awaiting the results of a Covid 19 test – Y/N
  2. Ever been cared for on a Covid positive ward – Y/N
  3. Please answer the following questions (based on the last 14 days)
    Have you: Travelled internationally or a close contact has travelled internationally – Y/N
  4. Been in contact with any symptomatic friends/family for a confirmed case of Covid 19 – Y/N
  5. Displayed any flu-like symptoms – Y/N
  6. Displayed Acute Respiratory Infection of any degree of severity including fever greater than 37.5 – Y/N
  7. Had a fever greater than 37.5 of unknown cause with no symptoms – Y/N
  8. Socialised in a large group (over 100 people) – Y/N
  9. Are you in contact with any employee working in a cluster that has been identified by the HSE – Y/N

If you have answered yes to any of the questions, please contact us on or call 087 9637790 or 014045378

Registration for Face to Face meetings:

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    Mobile Phone (*):

    Email Address (*):

    Have you attended an Anam Cara event before (*):

    Which group are you interested in attending (*):

    Would you also be interested in attending online meetings (*):

    Other Comments:

    Consent to contact:
    Please note by sending us your contact details you are authorising Anam Cara to contact you about updates in the organisation and the parent meetings made available throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. This information WILL NOT be shared with other parties.

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