Eimear Leydon


1979 – 2005

When we think of Eimear, a slideshow of images runs through our minds, a slideshow of all the times we shared with her.
Rather than recalling the countless times when we enjoyed Eimear’s company, it would be more appropriate to explain why we enjoyed it.
Eimear was someone who was respected and adored by all who knew her.  Those who got to know her were rewarded with a great friend. Eimear was generous, never selfish with her time or friendship. She was a great listener, who always remained loyal and reliable to her family and friends,

Perhaps one of the most striking features of Eimear’s personality was her realistic and pragmatic take on life.  She was never short of an opinion but this ensured that she was the daughter and friend that could be relied upon for honest and genuine advice.

Dodgy haircuts, experimental fashion and ‘grand notions’ were always brought to task in Eimear’s company.  In fact, honesty is one aspect of Eimear’s personality that will resonate forever.

Ironically, Eimear always had a propensity for minor misfortune. Monsoon rain in New York, buying a pair of two left shoes on holidays and having her food stolen by dingoes, are included in  the large backlog of humorous tales she could tell.

However these calamities, coupled with her honesty and wit, ensured that a week, a day or even a hour spent with Eimear always proved entertaining.

Above all things Eimear was enormous fun.  It is said that nothing in life is guaranteed but time with Eimear always guaranteed laughter.

She was open-minded and was always up for the good times. There are not many who can claim to have cart wheeled through the streets of Galway City or posed for a video wearing a fluorescent red rain-poncho in public. The last two years of Eimear’s life are testament to her outlook, ambition and character.  During her college years in Liverpool, Eimear often dreamed about her days when she would “qualify”.

She had goals and ambitions she wanted to achieve and could not wait to reap the rewards of her hard work. She applied herself and enjoyed her work as a radiographer in the Mater Hospital, and also enjoyed the hectic social life that went with it.

She was basking in the glory of her new found independence, which afforded her the opportunities that she had previously dreamed of.  She got to travel more and enjoyed a multitude of festivals, concerts and comedy gigs. Eimear was exploring new interests, including deep sea diving, which culminated in her dive off the great Barrier Reef.

She had travelled extensively including trips to the States, Singapore, Japan, France, Scotland, and Australia and always included a visit to her friends along the way. Despite her interest in travel, there is no doubt that Eimear was a home bird at heart, she was most relaxed in her home, a place full of laughter and wit.

Her genuine friendship with her parents and brothers meant that Eimear’s home was truly where her heart belonged. In fact, one of her final wishes, was to make it home for a few days, which thankfully she managed to achieve.

Eimear dealt with her illness in an inspirational manner. It is hard to imagine how anyone could be so brave in such terrible circumstances.  True to Eimear’s genial and self effacing manner, she was never complained during her illness. She bore her ill health with a dignity and courage that is testament to the type of person she was.

Her passing has left a void in our lives that can never be filled, but she’ll always be with us, no matter what.
Perhaps Eimear summed up our friendship best in our final chat with her when she said simply “We had good times”.
Eimear, our friend forever.